Add a value to your project!

We believe in your project and want others to believe in it too!

About us

"Life Coin" is a cloud platform,

that allows brands to unite with their customers solving the world problems together.


Why pay taxes to the unknown causes when you can decided what social projects to support? ;)


Create additional value to your transactions — accompanying each transaction in the crypto currency world with a kind, social action that affects the welfare of the whole society.


We call upon all who are going to success to never forget that in the real world there are those who need help - sometimes very simple, sometimes rather serious, and often vital.

What are we doing?

The funds come from new businesses – companies themselves decide what amount of money they want to donate when going ICO

ICO-investors decide what projects they want to donate their money to

We cooperate with charity organizations and add them the to the list. We also monitor the charity projects realization for a small fee

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What will it give you?

We will tell the whole world about your business, which is involved in charity and social projects!


We will pick for you and your future investors social and charity projects that

are most appropriate to the specifics of your business.


Communities from these projects will tell everyone about your business and your great help.

How to do it?

When creating tokens, add the code from the example below and you will be able to donate an amount of money of your choice to a charity cause.

To do that please write the LifeCoin wallet number when initializing ICO in the CharityToken method.


Your investors will be able to choose which authorized charity organization to transfer their money to when buying your tokens. To do that add ‘donate’ method to your token buying method.

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